About Whitehouse Meats

Our History

Whitehouse Meats was originally established in Windsor, Ontario, in 1953. In the 1970s, it moved to Toronto and became a fixture of the St. Lawrence Market. Whitehouse earned its reputation as one of the best butcher shops in Toronto mainly because of its excellent meat and down-home service. In addition to a vast selection of beef, pork, veal, lamb, and chicken, it offers one of the largest selections of game meats and specialty birds available.


Going organic

We are known for one of the largest selections of game meats and birds in Toronto. Our selection of game meats includes venison (elk or deer), buffalo, caribou, berkshire pork, wild boar, kangaroo, musk ox, camel, goat and rabbit. Our specialty birds include pheasant, partridge, duck, quail, cornish hen, guinea fowl, squab and ostrich. For your grill, we offer game meat burgers, sliders and sausages.

Our promise

Whitehouse Meats is one of the most successful butcher shops in Toronto, offering high-quality, imported, local, and fresh meat. The mission of Whitehouse Meats is to deliver an unmatched customer experience and to ensure your food is the highest quality cuts.